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This is Celestial Dragon Duel Academy. Join us and you will never regret it.

This is Celestial Duel Academy.
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 The Official Staff list

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PostSubject: The Official Staff list   Thu Aug 15, 2013 7:02 pm

Here I am going to post the roles and positions of the staff by name.

Aang - Is in charge of Everything coding and coding related.

Assassin - I am the manager of the academy. I handle all of the promotions and deal with various problems within the academy. I am also in charge of the team and wars.

Sasukat - Is the head tester. He is in charge of the testing section and handling retests and making changes to the rubric, His word on the rubric is final.

Hero - Hero is also one of the founders of the academy and like me and aang is second to none in terms of overall rank. He is the 2nd in command in charge of testing and dorm placement.

Dark Sage - is the head tournament moderator. He is in charge of handling the tournament section.

Muh1 - Is our GFX specialist he handles/makes all of our academy banners. Make sure to congradulate him on the good job he is doing.

Everyone else is staff, including other admins.

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The Official Staff list
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