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 Geargia guide

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PostSubject: Geargia guide   Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:28 am


Hello there! Welcome to one of the latest machine-type archetypes fresh off the assembly line, being the Geargias! Like most machine based archetypes, they're made primarily of Lv.4s, and all their monsters are of the EARTH attribute. Being a fairly new archetype, there's tons of potential here waiting to be tapped, and so that'll be our goal here as we eagerly await the to take them to the top of the tier list!

                                       -=The Geargias=-

There's only six monsters and a trap so far, but already the archetype looks to be quite amazing and easily splashable with all its consistency and effcientcy. The best thing about the core Geargias (Arsenal,Armor,Accel) is that once you get Arsenal or Armor, you’ll have a constant Supply of monsters for the rest of the game (or until you run out of Geargias, whichever comes first ^_^). It's essentially a loop (though it isn't done in one turn) as you can go Arsenal -> Armor -> Accel -> Giganto X -> Arsenal then repeat. All while doing so, you're gaining mad advantage and deck thinning like a champ. Not to mention Geargiano Mk-ll and Geargia-Gear, who are each one-card exceeds in their own right. Your opponents are really gonna have a hard time keeping up once you get going!

Effect Monsters:
The very first Geargia released, the one who started it all. Now, most people were confused when this guy came out, but like Atlantean Pikeman, this Gear was an omen of things to come! Now, in the beginning, nobody really saw his value: while he may not look like much to start, as a restrictive Monster Reborn who negates effects (not even Arsenal gets past this), I'd like to refer you to this short but sweet thread on the awesome of Geargiano. And this is only the start of his power. Playing MachinaGear? Revive Gearframe as an 1800 beater! Playing KaraGeargia? Saizan is there to start off some Synchro shenanigans! He's the best target for Geargia-Gear and Gigant's last effect, too. All in all, a solid start to the archetype.

Geargiano MK-II
Geargiano's upgraded form. Think Junk Synchron, only without the effect negation and level restriction. Ideally you want to summon him and have him bring back another Geargiano so he can make an instanta 1-card Rank3 Xyz, but he can also bring back any Geargia for w/e reason you may have, be it simply to set-up Geargiarmor searches, or a combo play with Genex Ally Birdman.

The key Geargia for the main deck. Arsenal and Accel are also key, but Armor is the main one as he’s the one you want on the field so he can give you loads of advantage. When flipped up, he can search any other Geargia monster for a +1, then you can either place him facedown again to repeat next turn, or Xyz with the monster you searched. With his 1900 def, he should be able to survive against most Lv.4 n lower monsters, and even if he does fall in battle, you’ll still get the search so you lose nothing in CA.

Arsenal is essentially our own Lonefire Blossom, giving us additional consistency and deck thinning. His main target should naturally be Armor who’ll set-up the decks main plays. He’s also the strongest Geargia, but still 1500 isn’t much at all, and his attack gain effect isn’t really useful since if you have another Geargia on the field you could just Xyz.

As the name implies, Geargiaccelerator accels the deck speed wise by giving it the ability to insta Xyz. This is quite useful, as the deck generates lots of hand advantage, so you’ll wanna be able to convert that to field advantage. Normally, Xyzing like that is bad since it’ll result in a -1, but thanks to Geargiganto X, you won’t lose any advantage if you’re successful, and will even gain advantage if he survives a turn. So naturally, Geargiaccel is the go to Geargia for Armor to search out, as you can then special it, make Giganto X, search out Arsenal, summon it and get Armor, then do the same next turn if you want. Also Accel is a good floater and has nice def, so don't be afraid to set him if you need to.

Xyz Monsters:
Gear Gigant X
Probably the best 2-card Rank 4 released so far. The archetypes boss is all about mad plussing, as he let's you get ANY Lv.4 n lower machine type from EITHER deck or grave, all for no cost at all other than detaching an Xyz material. This is amazing as he'll essentially allow us to keep pumping out Xyzs non-stop while not losing advantage, in fact you'll be gaining advantage. He'll even replace himself when he leaves the field, though only with a Lv.3 Geargia and that'll usually be MK-II who'd probably just be a chump blocker. Still, his searching more than makes up for it. One thing to keep in mind is that he's not an actual Geargia monster; This means you can't special Accel off him or have Arsenal gain any attack from him. These are just meaningless set backs though, as he’s still an amazing card.

As if you needed another reason to play Geargiano. This is a newcomer from LoTG, and is it ever a good one! Basically a cross between Rescue Rabbit and Abyssphere, our home base plucks two Geargianoes from the deck and makes them level four for more xyz shenanigans. The amount of plays this card leads to are as long as the list of techs you can think of, including a possible OTK if you already have a set Geargiarmor.

                                      -=Tech Monsters=-

With just one set we already have enough good monsters to make a deck with, but you’ll probably find you still have room even if you run 3 of each Geargia. As such, you’ll wanna run additional monsters that synergise will with the deck despite not having Geargia in their name.

Effect Monsters:
Genex Ally Birman
Birdman combos great with Armor and MK-II, as gives the deck 1-card synchro options and let's us re-use Armor n MK-II. Plus he's a machine making him searchable via Geargiganto X, just like most of these monsters in this section.

Card Car D
Essentially a searchable Pot of Greed. Takes up your turn though, which delays your Armor set-up.

Meklord Emperor Wisel
He's easily searched by X, so a single tech might not be such a bad idea, especially with all the destruction this format. You're not likely to steal many synchros this format, but he's still got that great spell negation ability, which is especially useful with all them power spells everywhere. Probably best left for Geargiscrap varients since they have a lot of inherent destruction going on, but only time will tell.

Effect Veiler/Maxx "C"
Hand traps are always useful especially with Heavy being back along with 3 MST. They'll allow you to hinder the opponent's play even if they blast your backrow. Veiler is especially good for protecting Armor and X so you can keep plussing with them, while Maxx "C" is good in here cause even if your field get's wiped out the deck can easily come right back, especially thanks to the draws. If not maindecked then atleast side some.

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Always useful for stopping game winning pushes, punishing fools who attack blindly, and beating face against Dino Rabbit.

                             -=Non-Themed Spell Support=-

Asside from the obvious staples like Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, Mind Control, Book of Moon, Heavy Storm, and Mystical Space Typhoon, there's quite a few spells we can utilize well.

Spell Cards:
Pot of Avarice
We can thin through the deck uber fast, making the inherent +1 that is Avarice easily live. Just one Arsenal can essentially pump 5 monsters out of the deck over the course of two turns. Plus Avarice refuels our engine allowing the plussing train to keep rolling.

Limiter Removal
The deck inherently has issues dealing with big monsters, so this card can only help with that, aswell as get us game faster. The draw back may seem harsh, but actually doesn't affect us much at all. Armor can just flip himself down before the end phase, and likewise Arsenal can tribute himself. Accel will replace himself, and so can Giganto X, but if he doesn't he will probably have already paid for himself with his search effect.

Iron Call
A much more situational and restrictive Monster Reborn, and an inherent -1 when used for Xyz/Synchros, but it can be worth it to bring out Geargiganto X, who'll make up the loss in advantage.

                          -=Non-Themed Trap Support=-

Traps are very important for this deck, as it usually needs to set-up it’s plays with Armor, and it really benefits when it’s monsters can stay on the field for multiple turns. Staples like the Solemn Bros., Bottomless, and Fiendish Chain do a nice job of this. Don’t let that deter you from running Torrential Tribute though. Thanks to the decks floaters and pluses, you shouldn’t really lose anything when you use a TT, while your opponent will lose much more. And thanks to Accel, you should easily be able to regain your lost field presense. Unfortunately, there’s no unique traps we can utilize, so we’ll have to stick with generic stuff for now.

                                    -=Extra Deck Options=-

Here are some cards to consider using when building your extra deck.

Xyz Monsters:
Evilswarm Ouroboros
The Xyz version of Trish, only not quite as powerful, but still good enough to make him worth running, especially since he gives us control abilities we wouldn't normally have. Thanks to Armor and his discard effect, it's possible to summon this guy with virtually 1-card.

Vylon Disigma
Another 3-card Rank, but like Ouroboros he has an inherent +1 effect, so he too can essentially be summoned with 1-card. He can auto-kill any monster that meets his requirements, doesn't matter what it is.

Daigusto Emeral
A mini Pot of Avarice on an okay body, helps keep up your constant flow of Geargias.

Number 39: Utopia
Another beater, only this one can negate attacks, which is definitely useful for keeping Armor and X on the field.

Fairy King Alverd
Another monster that helps deal with our inherent weakness being big monsters. Not quite as at it good as Vylon Disgma in terms of dealing with them, but only takes 2 materials making him easiy to bring out at a moments notice. Another EARTH for Gozen too, course you wont have to worry about big mons if you have Gozen up.

Number 16: Shock Master
He can shut off all 3 types of cards, which naturally makes him very versatile, and very deadly against certain decks. Calling monster effects will usually cripple most deck nowadays, but also calling spells can wreak HEROs and DWs, and shutting off traps pretty much gives you game against Chain Burn.

Number 50: Black Corn
Another mon that can deal with them pesky floaters. It can also deal with walls like Spirit Reaper and Zenmaines.

Photon Papillperative
Deals with walls just like Black Corn, except this guy does more damage along the way. Doesn't help as much against Zenmaines, though.

Maestroke The Symphony Djinn
He has the effect Wind-Up Zenmaister should have had, being the ability to flip the opponent's monsters facedown, making them easier to kill. He could done with a bit more attack though, but then again he also has a Gachi/Zenmaines like effect that let's him hold off destruction.

Daigusto Emeral
A Pot of Avarice on legs that can be brought out at any time, nuff said. Auto include one for sure.

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
Good beater, and... well... yeah.

Leviair the Sea Dragon
Get's monster's from the removed from play zone, but you knew that already.

Wind-Up Zenmaines
Great waller, and can essentially kill any monster when you ram it into something stronger then pop it in the end phase.

-=Rulings & Tips=-

-Geargiarmor's "once per turn" clause means exactly what it says. Most once per turn effects reset when they're flipped down then back up again, but because of the "this card" part on Geargiarmor, the once per turn still applies even if he's facedown, as he's still the same card.

-Geargiaccel's retrival from grave effect has the whole "when... you can..." text, meaning his activation requirement (being sent to grave) has to be the last thing that happens in a chain/effect, or he'll miss timing.

-Geargiano's effect negation is not like Skill Drain, it's more Debris Dragon, so he'll still negate effects that activate and resolve on the field, including Geargiarsenal.

-Geargiganto X is not a Geargia monster.

-If Geargiarmor is attacked while facedown and survives, on your turn you can flip armor down again then manually flip him back up to get another search.

-=THE HYPE MUST FLOW!!! Cool Combos=-

Or, why Geargia is the best. Let's give them bandwaggoners something to drool about!

-We fit in with practically every other Machine-Type group there is, and then some. Scrap, Karakuri, Machina; heck, Reactor Geargia for the really daring.
-We have 3 Stratos, 3 Lonefire and 3 Kagetokage. You know you want more Kagetokage.
-Everything searches everything like one lean, mean, well-polished searching machine. Which it is.
-We have an Abyssphere crossed with Rescue Rabbit. Because Rescue Mermails aren't fooling anybody.
-Who doesn't like toy robots?
-Geargiano's kinda cute in a blocky sort of way...
-The dreaded GEARGIA-GEAR OTK!!!
~Requires: Geargia-Gear, Geargiarmor (both set Last Turn)
~Flip Armor to search Accelerator
~Summon Accel and go for a Gigant
~Use Gigant's effect to add an Accel
~Flip Gear for two Geargianoes
~Summon the searched Accel and go for a second Gigant
~Use this Gigant's effect and get one last Accel
~Summon the Accel and make one final Gigant
~Use its effect to get either an Armor or an Arsenal
~Summon the searched Geargia and attack with everything
~2300+2300+2300+(1100 or 1700)=8000 or 8600
~If you fall to a trap or a Gorz/Trag, set your Armor for next turn or, if you chose Arsenal, tribute it for an Armor and set that one.

again any mistakes tell me
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Geargia guide
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