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 Canon7130 Test Results

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PostSubject: Canon7130 Test Results   Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:11 pm

Name of Tester : Hero
Name of Testee : Canon7130
Deck of Tester : Hero Beat
Deck of Testee: Karakuri

Overall skill 1-10 : 7 (Last duel brought this down a point but still very good skill)
Deck Build 1-10 : 9 (amazing plays although if my traps failed them, if it wasnt for that I woulda been otk each duel)
Result of match (+5 for each win, -5 for each loss) : -10
Originality 1-5 : 3, would be 2 but because of about 2/3 cards that are unique in your deck (cant remember names)
Siding 1-3 : 2
Overall Performance 1-20 : 15 (even with all my traps the duels were too close, alot of OTK potiental)

Side Notes : Amazing duels, your deck is great and an original build. You played it well didnt see any mistakes except one on the last turn. Winged Red it is, the only thing that bought you down was the losing -10 from losing the duel. besides that great job.

Score : 26 = Winged Dragon Red

Winged Dragon Red = 0-30
Chaos Dragon Purple = 31-50
Blue-Eyes White = 51-58
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Canon7130 Test Results
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