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 Energiejunkie138 test results

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PostSubject: Energiejunkie138 test results   Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:49 pm

Name of Tester : 7371587bt
Name of Testee : Energiejunkie138
Deck of Tester : Competitive Madolche.
Deck of Testee: Frog Monarchs

Notes: During the test knowing my madolches could easily beat a monarch deck. during game 1. I decided to go easy and not win the duel
(Otk was inevitable with no backrow) and see how my testee would respond. In the extra 2 turns I gave him, to my surprise he ended up using the cards he had left (soul exachange, enemy controller etc, perfectly to win the duel. This shows not only skill but also the "know how" to counter a fast deck. He used the 2 turns I gave him to completely wipe out my field. And drop my life points to 0 at the same time. Not bad for monarchs. Great card usage. Most people would of made a simple mistake in card usage, and not finish me.

In game 2. I sided out my mst's and Heavy Storm knowing Monarch players don't usualy play backrows. I wanted to see if he would side in cards to counter my madolche deck. And to see if he knew what traps would work against them effectively. I added veilers to counter his monarchs an also to make the match less one sided. Thus avoiding a potential OTK on my part. To my surprise again, my testee sided in Macro Cosmos and D.D Warrior. And what a great choice I might add. He not only stopped my madolche plays dead in there tracks but also made me go -3 with veilers. He nullified my field spell and my key card, Madolche Ticket. And I had no mst to stop his play. But being a great duelist that I am I almost ended up winning the game with 8000 lp left. 1 Great card, battle fader, stopped my Blade Armor Ninja for wiping him out. Giving him the 1 chance to summon a monarch and nullify my field. With that he ended up winning the second match. Without me having to go easy. It was a great match-up and he deserved that win. He might have gotten lucky but he also had the skills to back it up. And finish the game.

Overall skill 1-10 : 9
Deck Build 1-10 :  8 (its consistent)
Result of match;  4 (+2 for each win, -2 for each loss) :
Originality 1-5 :   2 (Its a great deck. But its simply Monarch Frogs. Noting special, nothing new and nothing unique).
Siding 1-5 : 5 (great sides. Ended up winning him the match without a doubt.
Overall Performance 1-25 : 19 (very good performance. But not great. Although he deserved the win in the second game. The first match was simply "ok".)  

Side Notes : Keep it up my friend. I like you. And I never like people with non unique decks. Feel free to join our Dueling Team.

Score 47.
Winged Dragon Red = 0-30
Chaos Dragon Purple = 31-54
Blue-Eyes White = 54-59

You made it to purple.
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PostSubject: Re: Energiejunkie138 test results   Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:59 pm

sweet thank you i had fun. how do i join ur team

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PostSubject: Re: Energiejunkie138 test results   Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:05 pm

Congratz on purple and to join his team you simply post on his team thread which you will find in the teams section in the home page


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PostSubject: Re: Energiejunkie138 test results   Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:45 pm

to join just post here and i will add u http://cdda.forumegypt.net/t115-the-emperors-of-hope
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PostSubject: Re: Energiejunkie138 test results   Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:17 am

my god muh
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PostSubject: Re: Energiejunkie138 test results   

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Energiejunkie138 test results
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