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 Riot1man Test Results

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PostSubject: Riot1man Test Results   Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:40 pm

Name of Tester : Hero
Name of Testee : Riot1man
Deck of Tester :  Hero Beat
Deck of Testee: Gravekeepers

Overall skill 1-10 : 1.5- misuse of dark hole, f-chain and evac device on photon thrasher in MP1 (no point) then judgement when I summon it again. Ruling error on fiendish chain and bubbleman and macro. Also used pot of duality and malefic SD same turn. Didn't use spy eff when could have saved you. Some other minor stuff too.Really really Sorry about the low score but you will get better Smile
Deck Build 1-10 : 6.5 - Was standard but didnt too well.
Result of match (+2 for each win, -2 for each loss) : -2
Originality 1-5 : 2 - standard build, didnt see any uncommon cards
Siding 1-5 : 1 - Descandant for chief
Overall Performance 1-25 : 7 -  with so many misplay, this is all I could give unfortunately but still good games and nice try. you know all the basic rules but some text confuses you. If you need any help ask me or any other member

Score: 15 = Winged Dragon Red, not the best but you will get better. feel free yo ask for help

Winged Dragon Red = 0-30
Chaos Dragon Purple = 31-54
Blue-Eyes White = 54-59


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Riot1man Test Results
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