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 TobyRice test results

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PostSubject: TobyRice test results   Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:58 am

Name of Tester :Digivolve4me
Name of Testee : TobyRice
Deck of Tester : Dragunity Assult
Deck of Testee: Gravekeepers

Overall skill 1-10 : 7 (wasting card effects which i could easily negate with stardust assault, and not using recruiter effect after popped with scrap (this effect is not optional).
Deck Build 1-10 : 8
Result of match (+5 for each win, -5 for each loss) : -10
Originality 1-5 : 2 (Gravekeepers standard build!)
Siding 1-3 : 1 (no side deck)
Overall Performance 1-20 : 14

Side Notes : Not bad bro just a tad bit short! Try adding a side deck always helps! If you would like some advice with this let me know and ill be willing to help. Keep up the awesome dueling man! Love matches like dragunitys vs gravekeepers make the match more interesting! GG again bro and keep up the awesome dueling! Keep aiming for the stars!

Score: 21
Winged Dragon Red = 0-30
Chaos Dragon Purple = 31-50
Blue-Eyes White = 51-58

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PostSubject: Re: TobyRice test results   Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:21 pm

Congratz on red, as muh1 said if you need any help ask any staff member to help you.


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TobyRice test results
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